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Pre-engineered Building

Pre-engineered steel Buildings are the fastest systems of industrial Construction today. These buildings with stands extreme weather Conditions Like high velocity winds, Rains and most importantly Earthquakes. They provide life long durability ,safety and very low Cost Maintenance.




Pre Engineered Building and its Adavantages

* The modern PEB technology gives an edge to the building and construction Segment, as constructing a PEB building is as easy   as joining modular blocks Or Pre-construed building segments onsite.
* Speed is inherent as PEB does not require exclusive architectural designing
* And researching from scratch as in a pure steel structure.
* As PEB components are manufactured in the factory, the usage Of heavy equipment and extensive labour at site is drastically   Reduced.
* Technology- Led manufacturing of PEB components brings in Precision and perfection that facilitates a new level of consistent   And superior quality of buildings which is nearly impossible in Traditional RCC construction.
* All of which culminates into faster completion , rapid turn around Ultimately making PEB s far more cost efficient as compared to   the Traditional brick and motor construction or pure steel construction.










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